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University of Alberta Aerial Robotics Group

Our Competitions

Throughout the year, UAARG designs and develops autonomous aircraft for student competitions, where we perform a full flight demonstration of our aircraft. We attend the following competitions each year:

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Club. Ideas. Voice. Thoughts. Designs.

What's New?

At UAARG, your ideas drive our innovation. After all what is a club without people?

Expect your ideas to come to life as you put in meaningful work that has many applications in today's industry. From software, hardware, R & D and business, there are many places at UAARG where you can fit in!

Currently, we are working on a hybrid plane design which combines the functionality of a quadcopter and a fixed wing plane.

This allows for vertical takeoff and landing along with long flight times.

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A special thank you goes out to all of our wonderful sponsors for making this club a reality!


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