It’s that time of year again - it’s election time!

UAARG is recognized as a student club under the Student’s Union so we have our own constitution that can be found on our
BearsDen Page.

This post will describe the election process in a more readable format.

Positions Up for Election

Note that all of these positions can be run by two people. That is, we can have co-presidents, co-treasurers, etc.


Responsible for providing vision and direction for the club. The president ensures that the club is proceeding well towards competitions. They are also involved in both the business and technical side of things.


Handles anything having to do with money. Includes, credit cards, budgets, purchase approvals etc.

VP Technical

Responsible for working with all sub-team leads and providing guidance / removing task blockers. Ensures that the design is sound and integration will go well.

VP Admin

Responsible for overseeing the internal management of the group, record keeping, and communications within the U of A.

Election Process

The election process has 3 phases:

Nomination Period (1 Week)

During this period, any UAARG member may nominate themselves or another person for the above 4 positions. Please send your nominations to the election organizer on Discord.

Nomination Acceptance Period (Less than 5 days)

After nominations, the election organizer will ask all nominees whether they will accept the nominations - they may either accept or decline.

During this time, candidates who want to run together can do so by letting the election organizer know.

Nominations can still be sent to the election organizer during this time.

Multiple Nominations

If a candidate receives multiple nominations, they may run for multiple positions. There are 3 outcomes in this scenario:

  1. If the candidate does not win any positions, the candidate will not hold a position.
  2. If the candidate wins only one position, then the candidate will hold that position.
  3. If the candidate wins multiple positions, then the candidate may choose which position they would like. The elected member for the rest of the positions (i.e. the positions the candidate did not select) will be the runner up.

Election Period (1.5 Weeks)

All UAARG members can then vote on who will take the positions. We will be using an anonymous preferential voting system facilitated by the election system on Bears Den.

If there is only one candidate for a position, they will be automatically elected.

At the end of this period, winning candidates will be announced on Discord.

Sub-Team Leads

Team leads are considered “non-elected positions” so they will be assigned by the elected executives after the elections.

Therefore, sub-team lead positions are not eligible for nomination.

These positions include:

… And that’s it! Let us know on Discord if you have any questions.