Competition Flight 2 - Day 3 - USC UAV Competition

May 06, 2013 - UAARG

This morning, we were able to get out onto the field right away and perform a range test. Soon afterwards, we began our second competition flight.

Competition Flight 1 - Day 2 - USC UAV Competition

May 04, 2013 - UAARG

After all of the troubles yesterday, today has been a breath of fresh air so far.

Setup and Flight Testing - Day 1 - USC UAV Competition

May 03, 2013 - UAARG

The morning today was mostly dedicated to assembly and preparation of systems, our safety briefing, and our systems presentation. The preparation for the presentation was done in a rush, and we did not go over the technical details of our systems and our team's project management as much as we would have liked.

Day 0 - Unmanned Systems Canada UAV Competition

May 02, 2013 - UAARG

Good news - we have just arrived in Alma, Quebec for the Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAV Competition. The past few days leading up to competition have been both hectic and tiring as we struggled to get systems in good working order, to pack our plane and tools, and to rest up to be in good traveling shape.

Redundant Communication - An Improvement to Paparazzi

April 21, 2013 - Cameron Lee

This is a special post, written to describe the redundant communication project being worked on by myself - Cameron Lee - current president of UAARG. The goal of this project is to allow multiple radio modems or other links be used between the aircraft and the ground station in a redundant fashion so that even if one link is lost, communication can be maintained.
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