About Us

Who we are

UAARG is a student vehicle project in the Faculty of Engineering. We design and build our own UAV systems, typically of similar size to radio controlled model airplanes. Every year a system is designed, built, tested and then competed internationally. We offer the opportunity for students to put theory into practice and gain valuable design and management experience. If you join the group you will get the following opportunities:

  • Make new friends
  • Develop new skills
  • Help build an airplane
  • Work on an autopilot
  • Program the on-board computer
  • Help develop imaging payload systems
  • International travel
  • A great resume booster

Our Teams



The airframe team deals with maintaining and developing our fleet of UAVs. From designing parts to actual construction (Duct tape included), the airframe team keeps our UAV from falling apart in the sky.


Way-point navigation, obstacle avoidance and automatic take-off and landing are some of the major systems that the autopilot team works with. Members in this team maintain our custom made autopilot software, which ensures that the plane gets to where it needs to while keeping away from potential hazards.


This team keeps the club well oiled and functioning. They're always on a lookout for new opportunities and ventures that the club can take part in. Finance, communications outreach and administration all starts here.


Specializing in our UAV's hardware and software imaging systems, the imaging team handles vision while in the skies. Not only that, we're working on groundbreaking projects like automated object classification, network supported software and image/camera optimization. Don't worry, we won't take your picture without your permission!


Systems Integration

Someone needs to make sure that everything in the UAV is talking to each other properly. The job of the systems integration team is to make sure that all systems can co-exists without blowing each other up. They deal with the UAV as a whole, often working with other teams to ensure the quality and reliability of our systems.

Research and Development

Got a new, innovative idea for our UAV? Come join our R&D team! These members look for new ways to improve our current systems while ensuring that everything is well documented. Plus, with the rich history that UAARG has, they sift through all of our past records and information in case we may have forgotten something important!

Interested in joining our teams?

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