Being a student project group, UAARG values being able to showcase the work we do. Competitions are a way to do this while creating a fun and unique experience for our members. This page showcases the competitions that UAARG attends.

Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAV Competition

At the Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAV Competition, student teams are asked to fly over a search area cover a search area containing multiple regions and targets of interest, and collect information about those regions. The 2023 challenge focused mostly on the commercial applications of UAVs.

AUVSI Student UAS Competition

Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Student Unmanned Systems competition. It is held each June in Maryland near Lexington Park. Its objectives are to takeoff, navigate a series of GPS way points, enter a search area and land. Throughout the flight surveillance footage is taken and various targets and their characteristics are identified. The more of these tasks that are accomplished autonomously, the higher the score.