Hello Uaargians! Today marks the final day of the 2018 AUVSI competition before heading back to Washington for some sight seeing. We were finally able to take a rest and sleep in this morning, before arriving back at the field to take the total group photo. With our plane in many pieces, the only large portion remaining was the wings, so we taped them to the back of Brian for the photo.

We also stayed for lunch and handed in our security tags, and then returned to the college to relax a little while longer. The banquet was at the college, so it was a close walk for us to get there. The banquet was a chance to have one last recap of the competition where the results and awards were handed out. We were even featured in the slide show presentation for our amazing safety demonstration by wearing a hard hat when taking off the plane, as well as Brian and his two hats at the same time. The overall results came in and we were a solid 25th out of the 51 teams that flew and 69 teams that were at the competition – a great achievement considering all the troubles we faced. Although no awards, we were very pleased and proud of our efforts at the competition this year and are looking forward to next year’s competition.

We will spend the next couple days in Washington before heading home for the summer until school starts back up again. That is all from the competition this year, so I hope you enjoyed it! See ya later UAARG nation.