After a long night and following day spent packing and travelling to the airport, we all met up in Toronto - minus Jackie – where we began the second leg of the journey on the way to Washington. A very tired group, having been up all night in Edmonton, was very relieved to have made it to the end of the flying portion of the travel, meeting Jackie in Washington who was flying in from San Antonio, all with our safety captain Weilon wearing our sturdy hard hat. Remember, safety first.

We then proceeded to get a minivan and a car from the rental place, and hit the road in search of food, which brought Vietnamese subs and soup with too few noodles. After being fed, it was on to St. Mary’s College of Maryland where we will be staying for the next few days during competition. We were finally on our way and nothing was going to slow us down, except for a few too many wrong turns. The long and tiresome journey finally came to an end and we arrived at the college, ready to check in and relax.

Our discovery of a lack of water however proved to be far from relaxing, taking us to extreme measures in search of this. Stumbling across a vending machine that only accepts 1 dollar bills and change threw us for a loop… but it was no match for our fearless leader Brian – with the help of some found change in the machine – and we successfully survived our first chaotic experience. A quick game of Settlers of Catan between Jackie and Dat and we were ready for sleep, after some 30 hours of being awake.