2016 AUVSI SUAS Competition Day 2

Hi everyone,

We passed our safety inspection and Flight Readiness Review presentation today. The weather for the next few days won’t be great - there are heavy rains coming tomorrow and more potentially on Saturday. There was a chance for teams to fly today in the afternoon; however, we didn’t take it as our systems weren’t ready at the time. Only 3/24 teams flew today; it is likely that the Sunday rain day will be used with the current forecast.

We also tested our interoperability systems today - both the telemetry and target information update to the judges’ servers worked beautifully.

Issues we encountered today included;

  • Trouble with updating the autopilot flight plan for this year’s competition waypoints.
  • Fixing a cracked tail servo.
  • An unreliable serial data line from the autopilot telemetry port to the onboard imaging computer.

We’ve been able to resolve 2/3 of these issues.

Andrew looking chipper with a partially assembled plane.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get a flight in soon. Stay tuned!


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