2016 AUVSI SUAS Competition Day 1

Hi everyone,

Rijesh, Jorge, Sebastian, Johnathan, Andrew, and I have arrived safely in Lexington Park, Maryland for the 2016 AUVSI Student UAS Competition. This will be a quick update, as the only competition event today was the team check-in and briefing.

The plane in the crate, VERY nicely packed.

We learned today at the briefing that out of the 46 teams originally registered, only 24 teams (including, of course, us) made it to competition. Only ~30 teams managed to submit a journal paper, and more teams dropped off during the checks for a proof of flight video and proof of interfacing with the interoperability server. This is significantly less teams than were present last year (30); we feel good about being one of the teams that successfully passed the increased requirements for this year's competition.

Schedule for the next few days:

  • Thursday, June 16th - Flight Readiness Review and Safety Inspection.
  • Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th - Competition flights. The weather forecast for Friday indicates thunderstorms, so flights will most likely have to occur all the way to late Saturday afternoon. Saturday is also the date of the competition banquet.
  • Sunday, June 19th - Rain day (spillover for competition flights). Which might have to be used.
  • Monday, June 20th - ???
  • Tuesday, June 21st - Return home.

We'll keep you updated right here on this blog - stay tuned!

Johnathan, Jorge, and Sebastian. And Rijesh trying to take photos in peace.


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