Competition Day 1

Competion Day 1.

Today was the first day of competition. We got up very early this morning and headed out to the airport. Once there we finished unpacking the plane and started setting up.

We gave an oral presentation on our UAV and its capabilities. Andrew stood at the front of the room and presented to everyone. The main points that were highlighted were actionable inteligence from our live imaging link, modular design, and fast deployment.

Then came the Flight Readiness Review. This mostly deals with autopilot and ensuring all the failsafes are reliable. We passed the FRR succesfully and went on to test flights.

The primary purpose for the test flight was to trim our plane. Rijesh took the plane up, trimmed the plane, and tested autopilot. Unfortunately on landing the tail boom snapped. This has occured twice before at the same spot. We need to investigate means of reinforcing the tail boom to prevent this in the future.

Overall we felt very confident with the aircraft’s performance and are excited for tomorrow.

The afternoon we repaired the tail, and the rest of the day we worked on our final report template, and flight plan for tomorrow’s flight.

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