Competition Day 0

So yesterday was fun, filled with plenty of travel. The competition takes place in Alma, Quebec. Alma is a small town 3 hours north of Quebec City. To get there we flew from Edmonton to Toronto to Montreal. From Montreal we rented a minivan and drove to Alma.

We spent the night before packing the UAV, all peripheral components, spares and repair tools. For this competition we needed to take two flights. As a result we contructed wooden crates to hold the UAV in. The crates were canabalized from old competition crates, but never the less held strong.

At 4:00am yesterday we left the club room and headed to the airport. We got through security just fine and had no issues with the LiPo batteries. We probably won’t be able to say the same for US competiton though.

When we finally reached Montreal we caught a cab to the car rental service and headed out from there. The going was very slow in Montreal but the traffic eventually let up and we a had a long windy drive to Alma. Along the way, we worked on our competition presentation, discussed LOTR lore, worried about gas, tried speaking french, and speculated on what the traffic signs meant.

We finally reach Alma close to 11:00pm. We quickly unpacked and found everything unscathed. It was then time for a well deserved sleep.

Also check out the article on the faculty of engineering website.

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